Thursday, October 13, 2011

Monitoring web habits - any chance to make profit ?

I heard that Verizon tries to monitor people's web habits.

That makes me wonder if they will ever be able to handle such huge amounts of information and to check everything. In other words, we are going toward a world where everybody will know everything about everybody ... So what ? ;^)

What is really meaningful and important in our lives isn't online anyway!

And our fears can harm us much more than any of their desperate ways to "control" us.

People, stop fearing, those are only service providers, if they play the dangerous game of throwing advertising messages at you, feel free to change your mobile carrier ! So simple !

(Of course they have personal details of you on file, so they can't tell the truth. Because, after all, why would Verizon need your online profile in order to offer you any "better service" ?? Any company unable to sell / deliver what they promised in the contract in the first place, or needing any "third party" in the process, cannot be trusted to be a real service provider actually.

When I put gasoline in my car, if the guy at the gas station would tell me "wait, I must bring gas from elsewhere before loading your tank, please just hold", I would answer him "Sorry, you're not a real gas seller, I will go now to a genuine one instead!"

A last remark: as time as Verizon is not a content provider, they are not those able to make the big money even from this data-mining strategy. They are going to be just a milk cow for others, smarter than them ...

Monday, October 3, 2011

iPhone and bad love

This is related to the post which does not let us more informed about its topic, sorry!

Bellow is my comment, too.

I don’t see any comment relating to the fact that iPhone uses subliminal technologies (for example an alarm sound that to increase the compassion and/or need to protect and to love in the listener brain), or anything similar, but just the effects on the folks questioned.

In the case of drugs, physicians already studied the chemical effects (and the dependencies those create on the humans), not just exposed some or another effect.

Therefore, WHY is addictive, can you answer to that ? Oh, sorry, you’re not an expert, you’re just a person “sharing” with us. Personally, I would love to read some more informed article, this is why the journalists are not so welcome (they seem to know about everything and nothing, in the same time, which just spreads confusion around). This is the reason why readers use to comment – because the info was not whole, clear or at least enough for their sense of perception. No wonder that readers keep searching on the net some more informed opinion on same topic. And that happens in 95% from cases.

Thank you.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Is future internet going to be the same ?

Dear Adrian,

 (original post here, with my comment inside it)

Most of the time you're right. However, remember that G, FB, or T are domain owners / holders, so they are free to do whatever pleases them. It's the same basic principle of  freedom, that you use and maybe enjoy.

It is just their magnitude that bothers you ? Is the fact that zillions of naive webmasters did chose to use the "Like" button ? The pity of them just search exposure, as every webmaster does.

They make alliances with the strongest, in order to survive. And do you know why ? Because they think they have something important, real, and solid (for the others) to be shared, to be spoken and heard around them. In fact, most of them DON'T have, they just like to gather sheeps around them, to make a quick buck, right ?

For this reason - and billion others - the guilty party in this story is this "other door guy" that accepted to advertise the G+ button, or the Like button of FB, and so on.

And you know why ? Because they are not just happy (as you are) with saying "look at me, this is me, those are my thoughts, this is my page", or "this is my web identity and creation, for anyone looking at me, or anyone reading this page and asking my 'online ID sign', but those are different, they say "not only look at me, but also share with some others about who am I, please advertise me, please, do it, here are the buttons to use it".

It's like those webmasters would hang on their doors a 'digital ID sign' that is not just a piece of "paper" as it might be, but also have a loudspeaker attached to it, too.

To those b-a-d webmasters I would answer that: "please don't use me to promote yourself, ok ? Be happy that I read your page, give me your free content, and earn your business, but please don't use me as your salesman, because I won't be that stupid for you.

Because in most cases, sharing is being stupid (because you don't have original content to post it by yourself). People that just share links are as "look, ma, what is in that store!!"

My insight is somehow different than yours as follows:
1.... first class net citizens - those who post blogs, opinions, whatever.
2.... second class citizens - those who comment (they cannot make an exert power just because they ANSWER, but not CHALLENGE, as bloggers do)
3.... third class - those that just share what they see around.

Those last poor bastards cannot even re-word (and create own blog posts by themselves) in order to gain power. No, they just repeat and point the fingers toward a site or another.

I hope I was clear.

PS. My comment here is MY content, even if is hosted in your webpage, therefore I copy it and take it with me, for my own use, too.

Thank you again for your topic.



My note to readers: don't use the FB button below. Seriously, please don't.

It is there for some that COMMENT and share, not just for "dry sharing". Btw, I didn't change my blog template yet, though I consider to do it in the near future. I don't want you to share me with others, just to comment if you feel like that. Thank you. And don't forget that I can't protect you of something that you can't protect yourself.

About power, influence and habits

Power is a good thing, it teaches us to be responsible.

Weak people have no power, no matter how much affluence or traffic they could've been amassed already.

I started this blog because I'm fed up with posting comments in blogs of people of low quality, after trying in vain to "save the day" from simply bad or illiterate people posting around. It often happened that I have read something - something completely wrong, people commented and answered back, the blog host answered to them in return, too, and they all were so mistaken ... I was shocked by their opinions, of their lack of knowledge or good sense, of their stupid and simply consumerist way of life, of their so narrow and "little town"-ish way of understanding life and daily facts. Bad habits ... so, "Bad news, fish!" as wrote someone in a renowned novel.

Well, I'm not controversial, but I was very upset by such things that kept happening to me day after day.

I felt like I took a ride with a boat, and its captain was a blind man, and also the paddlers or the passengers were alike. I shown them the rock ahead that the boat was going to hit and I turned my oar, to make my point, or to be listened, thus making the boat to make a turn toward a better direction.

Fact is that nobody answered further anything contrary, not because they were too silent, but just because I was right. Think of a handful of children discussing stupid things in a park, while suddenly an adult comes to them out of the blue, meet them and answer to their several questions, leaving them with the truth that they were just idiots in their previous opinions. Checkmate ...

In many situations it was plain embarrassing to lecture to grown people, to "hard" core guys (and making them knockout), especially when doing that from a weak position (a mere fellow commenter, as themselves). Better to use a big stick from a position of power, and leaving everybody to comment, if needed.

I own it to myself, to the good people out there, and to the people that worked hard to bring us some genuine topics to debate in their blogs. I understand them perfectly about how hard is to moderate sometimes all opinions (not just all posts!), or to keep the light that they brought to the public with their posts when many around just darken it rudely.

So, judge it for yourself, and make your own opinion about that.

P.S. My deep belief is that being illiterate is worse than spamming. And I'm not saying that about those not knowing a language or another (because myself am not speaking English as my native language - I am simply a tourist in this language, too). It's actually about how much we care about what we broadcast to the others. It's not about "let me speak", "free speech" or other b-s, but about "let me say the TRUTH", or at least the most meaningful thing I can say about our common topic.

Let's keep the words valuable, each of them.

Can you make each sentence more valuable than, say, a dollar ? Can you ?

I am Eruditions

I am Eruditions and today I started to post in my blog.

eruditions . blogspot was previously taken, so I use this instead.

Thank you for reading.