Saturday, October 1, 2011

About power, influence and habits

Power is a good thing, it teaches us to be responsible.

Weak people have no power, no matter how much affluence or traffic they could've been amassed already.

I started this blog because I'm fed up with posting comments in blogs of people of low quality, after trying in vain to "save the day" from simply bad or illiterate people posting around. It often happened that I have read something - something completely wrong, people commented and answered back, the blog host answered to them in return, too, and they all were so mistaken ... I was shocked by their opinions, of their lack of knowledge or good sense, of their stupid and simply consumerist way of life, of their so narrow and "little town"-ish way of understanding life and daily facts. Bad habits ... so, "Bad news, fish!" as wrote someone in a renowned novel.

Well, I'm not controversial, but I was very upset by such things that kept happening to me day after day.

I felt like I took a ride with a boat, and its captain was a blind man, and also the paddlers or the passengers were alike. I shown them the rock ahead that the boat was going to hit and I turned my oar, to make my point, or to be listened, thus making the boat to make a turn toward a better direction.

Fact is that nobody answered further anything contrary, not because they were too silent, but just because I was right. Think of a handful of children discussing stupid things in a park, while suddenly an adult comes to them out of the blue, meet them and answer to their several questions, leaving them with the truth that they were just idiots in their previous opinions. Checkmate ...

In many situations it was plain embarrassing to lecture to grown people, to "hard" core guys (and making them knockout), especially when doing that from a weak position (a mere fellow commenter, as themselves). Better to use a big stick from a position of power, and leaving everybody to comment, if needed.

I own it to myself, to the good people out there, and to the people that worked hard to bring us some genuine topics to debate in their blogs. I understand them perfectly about how hard is to moderate sometimes all opinions (not just all posts!), or to keep the light that they brought to the public with their posts when many around just darken it rudely.

So, judge it for yourself, and make your own opinion about that.

P.S. My deep belief is that being illiterate is worse than spamming. And I'm not saying that about those not knowing a language or another (because myself am not speaking English as my native language - I am simply a tourist in this language, too). It's actually about how much we care about what we broadcast to the others. It's not about "let me speak", "free speech" or other b-s, but about "let me say the TRUTH", or at least the most meaningful thing I can say about our common topic.

Let's keep the words valuable, each of them.

Can you make each sentence more valuable than, say, a dollar ? Can you ?

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