Saturday, October 1, 2011

Is future internet going to be the same ?

Dear Adrian,

 (original post here, with my comment inside it)

Most of the time you're right. However, remember that G, FB, or T are domain owners / holders, so they are free to do whatever pleases them. It's the same basic principle of  freedom, that you use and maybe enjoy.

It is just their magnitude that bothers you ? Is the fact that zillions of naive webmasters did chose to use the "Like" button ? The pity of them just search exposure, as every webmaster does.

They make alliances with the strongest, in order to survive. And do you know why ? Because they think they have something important, real, and solid (for the others) to be shared, to be spoken and heard around them. In fact, most of them DON'T have, they just like to gather sheeps around them, to make a quick buck, right ?

For this reason - and billion others - the guilty party in this story is this "other door guy" that accepted to advertise the G+ button, or the Like button of FB, and so on.

And you know why ? Because they are not just happy (as you are) with saying "look at me, this is me, those are my thoughts, this is my page", or "this is my web identity and creation, for anyone looking at me, or anyone reading this page and asking my 'online ID sign', but those are different, they say "not only look at me, but also share with some others about who am I, please advertise me, please, do it, here are the buttons to use it".

It's like those webmasters would hang on their doors a 'digital ID sign' that is not just a piece of "paper" as it might be, but also have a loudspeaker attached to it, too.

To those b-a-d webmasters I would answer that: "please don't use me to promote yourself, ok ? Be happy that I read your page, give me your free content, and earn your business, but please don't use me as your salesman, because I won't be that stupid for you.

Because in most cases, sharing is being stupid (because you don't have original content to post it by yourself). People that just share links are as "look, ma, what is in that store!!"

My insight is somehow different than yours as follows:
1.... first class net citizens - those who post blogs, opinions, whatever.
2.... second class citizens - those who comment (they cannot make an exert power just because they ANSWER, but not CHALLENGE, as bloggers do)
3.... third class - those that just share what they see around.

Those last poor bastards cannot even re-word (and create own blog posts by themselves) in order to gain power. No, they just repeat and point the fingers toward a site or another.

I hope I was clear.

PS. My comment here is MY content, even if is hosted in your webpage, therefore I copy it and take it with me, for my own use, too.

Thank you again for your topic.



My note to readers: don't use the FB button below. Seriously, please don't.

It is there for some that COMMENT and share, not just for "dry sharing". Btw, I didn't change my blog template yet, though I consider to do it in the near future. I don't want you to share me with others, just to comment if you feel like that. Thank you. And don't forget that I can't protect you of something that you can't protect yourself.

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