Monday, October 3, 2011

iPhone and bad love

This is related to the post which does not let us more informed about its topic, sorry!

Bellow is my comment, too.

I don’t see any comment relating to the fact that iPhone uses subliminal technologies (for example an alarm sound that to increase the compassion and/or need to protect and to love in the listener brain), or anything similar, but just the effects on the folks questioned.

In the case of drugs, physicians already studied the chemical effects (and the dependencies those create on the humans), not just exposed some or another effect.

Therefore, WHY is addictive, can you answer to that ? Oh, sorry, you’re not an expert, you’re just a person “sharing” with us. Personally, I would love to read some more informed article, this is why the journalists are not so welcome (they seem to know about everything and nothing, in the same time, which just spreads confusion around). This is the reason why readers use to comment – because the info was not whole, clear or at least enough for their sense of perception. No wonder that readers keep searching on the net some more informed opinion on same topic. And that happens in 95% from cases.

Thank you.

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