Thursday, October 13, 2011

Monitoring web habits - any chance to make profit ?

I heard that Verizon tries to monitor people's web habits.

That makes me wonder if they will ever be able to handle such huge amounts of information and to check everything. In other words, we are going toward a world where everybody will know everything about everybody ... So what ? ;^)

What is really meaningful and important in our lives isn't online anyway!

And our fears can harm us much more than any of their desperate ways to "control" us.

People, stop fearing, those are only service providers, if they play the dangerous game of throwing advertising messages at you, feel free to change your mobile carrier ! So simple !

(Of course they have personal details of you on file, so they can't tell the truth. Because, after all, why would Verizon need your online profile in order to offer you any "better service" ?? Any company unable to sell / deliver what they promised in the contract in the first place, or needing any "third party" in the process, cannot be trusted to be a real service provider actually.

When I put gasoline in my car, if the guy at the gas station would tell me "wait, I must bring gas from elsewhere before loading your tank, please just hold", I would answer him "Sorry, you're not a real gas seller, I will go now to a genuine one instead!"

A last remark: as time as Verizon is not a content provider, they are not those able to make the big money even from this data-mining strategy. They are going to be just a milk cow for others, smarter than them ...

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